On May 25, 1875 at the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge of Indiana, a charter was granted to the (then known as) Glenns Valley masons to organize a Lodge to be called Glenns Valley Lodge No. 514.

Later, in 1891, it would be moved from Glenns Valley to Greenwood, otherwise, it was believed that the lodge would cease to exist because of the damage from a windstorm in 1888 and they could no longer support such a small membership.

After meeting with former members of Greenwood Lodge No. 182 (which had been annulled in 1884 by the Grand Lodge), and being granted permission by petition from the Grand Lodge, the Glenns Valley Lodge No. 514 was moved to Greenwood and renamed Greenwood Lodge No. 514, F. & A.M..

That move proved to be successful, as today Greenwood Lodge No. 514 has a membership of over 400 members.

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